About the Podcast

From Python Import Podcast is dedicated to sharing thoughts, opinions, rants, and intelligent discussion about all things Python. We have a special focus on practical application, but like all bitheads, we stray far and wide, from design theory to the best way to configure vim.

We welcome your thoughts, your feedback, and your scotch.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Hosts

David Noyes

Dave Noyes is more machine now than man; with his powerful cybernetic limbs, he's capable of hurling automobiles over 300 meters, or of gently petting an adorable puppy. His laser eyes can superheat giant balls of popcorn to house-bursting effect. He likes long walks on the beach and crushing his foes underfoot.

Dave also enjoys outsourcing his website biographies.

You can tweet him @davenoyes... if you dare.

Mike Pirnat

Mike Pirnat counterpoints the surrealism of the underlying metaphor. He's been a web nerd since the mid-90s, and got turned on to Python in 2000.

When not saving the world or tinkering on the podcast, Mike enjoys comics, Legos, wine, craft beer, travel, photography, and spending time with his family.

You can find him at https://mike.pirnat.com.

Ben Smith

Sysadmin by trade, Pythonista by passion. Dad to two boys and a girl. Guitarist.

Ben once nearly automated himself out of a job. He is at home designing, automating, and scaling infrastructure, but has also been known to participate in code reviews and pair programming with developers.

You can find him over at https://benjaminwarfield.com.

David Stanek

David Stanek has been developing software professionally for over 12 years. Python has been his language of choice for over 8 years both on and off of the job.

David spends much of his free work time working on open source projects and sharpening his technical skills. He helps organize the Cleveland Area Python Interest Group. He enjoys reading technical books and listening to a variety of podcasts and audio books. Google him for more information.

When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children. You can find his blog at https://traceback.org.

Hosts Emeritus

Mike Crute

Mike grows two things: code and facial hair. He's the founder of Finite Loop Software, an agile software consultancy based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Like David, he's one of the organizers of the Cleveland Area Python Interest Group.

Beyond that, there’s not much to say. He occasionally blogs at https://mike.crute.org/blog/.

Chris Miller

Chris stumbled online in 1987 and has not looked back since. He was the Co-Founder and Lead Architect of Podiobooks.com from its creation in 2005 to November of 2009.

When not writing code, he is one of the cohosts of The Secret Lair podcast. In the past, he has also been a writer/publisher of role-playing games, a BBS sysop, a barista, a maker of golf clubs, a medievalist, an editor, and a Doctor Who fan. His blog can be found at https://ctmiller.net.