Are You There, Internet?

Are you there, Internet? It's me, @__fpip__.

How are you? Doing okay? Made it through the holidays all right? Surviving the onslaught of polar vortices? Ready to be done with winter (or whatever season it is for you right now)? Are you excited for PyCon yet?

Yeah, us too.

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know we haven't forgotten about you. We had some scheduling issues that messed up our emerging every-other-month cadence, and the machine that we use for editing the show decided to go to the big computer store in the sky.

Though we are delayed, we are undaunted; in fact, we just recorded a new episode a couple days ago that we hope to release in the next week or so (once our hardware issues are resolved).

We've heard your feedback as well and have been taking steps to improve the quality of our audio. We won't promise perfection, but we will pledge to iteratively improve. (And honestly, even though the Hangout recordings aren't the greatest, we think they're a huge improvement over some of the shows from a couple years ago in echoey conference rooms or bar basements. YMMV, of course.)

Can you do us a favor? One thing that happened last year when we had hosting problems was that we fell out of the iTunes store and had to set everything up all over again, which means we lost all of our ratings and reviews, as well as our subscription base. So we'd really love it if you could pop on over to iTunes and give us some ratings and reviews (and heck, why not subscribe while you're there?).

Thanks; you're super.

Have you got a particular topic you're interested in hearing about? Have something else we should know about? Drop us a line via Twitter or on our site's contact form and let us know! Or say hi to Mike at PyCon and we can hang out.

So... That should cover everything for now. We'll talk again soon. Until then, take care. Be excellent to each other, and Python on.


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