Episode 013: PyOhio 2012

This episode, recorded at PyOhio 2012, features an interview with Catherine Devlin, Eric Floehr, and Brian Costlow about the history and development of the regional conference. Notes follow:

  • Introductions all around. Gladhanding. Bona fides. Poledancing (Not).
  • The history of PyOhio: "This one time, at PyCon..."
  • Fortune favored the bold...let's make a conference!
  • Columbus was chosen because iot was between everyone. Look at a map. It really is.
  • The AV staff is a bunch of steely-eyed missle men...and women. They rock. All the talks are on Blip.tv and PyVideo.
  • Year one had 80 people. Year 5 - over 200.
  • Did we mention that PyOhio is free? It is. And it is the People's Conference. But in a good way. Not in a creepy propaganda-poster kind of way.
  • The bulk of the funds to run the con is from the sponsors and donations.
  • A person can help by Volunteering. Platespinners, catherders, and co-chairs welcome.
  • There is an Expanded Mission. But you're going to have to listen. I'm not telling you what it is. Nyah.
  • Ok. I Lied. PyOhio wants to get into teaching the youth and other folks new to Python, "Day Of Python" events.
  • People come from all over the country to PyOhio. It is at destination, nay, a PILGRIMAGE.
  • PyOhio has just become a Non-Profit Organization in the State of Ohio. Federal 501.3(c) coming soon.
  • There is a lot of useful info about how to become a non-profit detailed in the show, but show notes cannot do it justice. You must listen. Really.
  • FreeGeek and Ohio Linuxfest folks were very helpful. Word to your mothers, gentlemen.
  • Growth is the primary challenge. Growing pains require more help, more volunteers, and more publicity. Must not preach to the same choir.
  • The future, it is bright. Shades are required.
  • It would be awesome for Ohio to be a Python talent hotbed. Stop the brain-drain to the coasts.
  • PYOHIO WILL BE THE WOODSTOCK OF PYTHON. With less drugs. Cause, you know. That's just wrong. And stuff.
  • The campaign to get PyCon to Ohio has begun. Plans within plans. Oh yes. Plans within plans.
  • Eric spoke on processing a million images to find "interesting things" in the night sky. Wound up finding fascinating data about the path of the year, the tracks of the planets in the sky, and how the length of the day changes throughout the year.

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