Shiny New Website

One of the reasons that we've sucked about recording new content since PyCon is that Mike has been diligently tinkering away on a brand new design for the website. We're pleased to announce that the new site is now live, just in time for PyOhio lightning talks!

The new site features:

  • Spiffy HTML 5 audio tags for in-browser listening
  • Responsive design that looks great on your phone, tablet, or desktop
  • Finally incorporates album art design into the site
  • Contact form
  • Social network sharing buttons to help promote your favorite episodes

We'll probably still be messing with a few things and will add some features that we didn't have time to get to in our mad dash to get live, so stay tuned.

If you had subscribed in iTunes, please check to make sure that's still going on and resubscribe if need be; apparently we had a damaged feed a month or two ago and fell out of the iTunes listings. (Yes, we know, this totally sucks and we're idiots. No one feels worse about it than we do.)

On the plus side, now we can actually focus on maybe making a few new episodes. Madness!