Episode 004: Dave Hates Decorators / Where Code Goes to Die

In this episode of From Python Import Podcast:

  • We learn that Dave Stanek thinks that most of us (and by us, we mean you. Yes, you.) are using decorators wrong. “Balderdash!” quoth the Stanek. “This is all frumious nonsense!” Or something like that.
  • The debate over whether or not we should be adding new code to the Standard library has been raised on certain mailing lists. Some feel that we need to add new functionality because, as we like to say, the batteries are included. However, others feel that adding things to the Standard Library is where code goes to die, and that no major updates ever take place once this happens. What do you think?
  • The ever-charming and sexy Mike Pirnat joins us to discuss a personal revelation he’s had about the Zen of Python. We’re happy to take credit for this.
  • We apologize for the sound quality on this one…you’ll see why when you listen. Someone had to pack up his studio equipment this week.

Thanks for joining us. We welcome, nay, crave your thoughts. And your immortal souls.

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