Episode 001: What We Learned on Our PyCon Vacation

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast! These, my friends, are the Show Notes.

Introduction to Your Hosts

PyCon 2010 Reflections

  • Mike and Chris were impressed by the community and the group focus
  • Ruby sucks. Mike said it. Bring it, kids.
  • Titus likes Distribute and Pip. Who knows why?
  • What can we learn from PyCon for regional conferences like PyOhio?
  • Dave’s done a lot of thinking about testing
  • He finds that nothing lets him test the way he wants.
  • He uses nose, mock, and dingus
  • Mote might be good for BDD, but Dave finds it lacking.
  • Dave hates documentation. Tests could be like documentation, and would be more accurate over time.
  • Mote parses the output more like a narrative, almost like a spec, instead of …..F….
  • We work with a large system, and rest assured, code is not documentation. Tests could be.
  • Oh..we ramble about this for a while. PyCon? What’s PyCon? Oh…right…the Testing BOF.
  • There was a Testing Goat. Terry Peppers is somehow responsible for it. Mike Pirnat needed one. Gary Bernhardt was the goat. We want pictures. ‘Nuff said?
  • Look into Mike’s .vimrc. Behold the wonder.
  • Right. PyCon. Remember Pycon? David Beazley’s talk on the GIL was dead sexy.
  • The Brandon Rhodes’ discussion of the Dictionary Object. Awesome.
  • Chris thought Titus’s talk on Continuous Integration frameworks was great.
  • Oh look. Back to testing. We like talking about testing. Look for a show or two on testing. Wait! Don’t leave!
  • Chris was impressed with the diversity of the community and how friendly people were.
  • And about the vendors. What did we think about the vendors? We like Swag. And sometimes we buy books. And hats.
  • “I use vim, so I don’t really need an IDE.” Flame. Discuss.
  • We generally have a good opinion of companies using open source and who participate in the community.
  • We enjoyed hacking together, especially on Mike’s snakeplan.
  • We need DCVS achievements. Like games. But better.
  • Catherine Devlin’s cmd2 was sweet.
  • You might be eaten by a grue.
  • Python is used by the military to create simulations. Thanks, Eric Silverman!
  • Atlanta, however, was…meh. We’d prefer Cleveland. We’re not biased. Nope. And it’s not Detroit, right?


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